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Thursday, November 29, 2012


Some men are born with all the gifts that make up greatness.

A Mentor is a greatly fortunate thing to hâve, most will find one if they look far enough.

Some, one in trillions perhaps, have to be their own.

As they age, their gifts grow and they continually surpass those who could.


Some beings just Know what is right, intuition.

Some beings arrive at what is right by knowledge and wisdom, Logic.

Your Light-bearer has tested his abilities from birth and claims both.

Mayhaan can have many meanings. The above is but one. Greatness another.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

End of Freedom

The moment a people start becoming too Lazy to rule themselves, they will destroy themselves by creating an ever increasing government

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) - a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.
Any movement that even hints at leading to the above should be exterminated and it's members excommunicated.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Existence of Life and Absolute Zero

It is surprising how close to absolute zero,  life as human beings know it, exists.

Given the upper range of billions of degrees in temperature, might be there is more life capable of existing far,  far above the temperatures we exist in.

And again, it is interesting to note how close and small the range for absolute zero is from our current temperature scale while the opposite end of heat is nearly infinite.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


It seems, for life to exist on a planet (as human beings define life) for a sufficient period of time to have a somewhat advanced civilization, a few factors are needed.

3 of them
1. A sun with the right characteristics
2. A Goldilocks zone with planets inside it
3. A gas giant, to exert massive gravitational pull over the millions off projectiles that might wipe out life on the GL planets but instead are diverted by the Gas Giant.

Friday, November 9, 2012

How we are and Genes

Stronger genes overpower weaker genes to affect the physical, mental and emotional makeup of a child.

The strength of genes may lie in the intensity of the chemicals within them.

Of course, with enough will power and drive any human being may grow out of some of his pre-ordained characteristics. Making children weak is to assure the extinction of the genetic line.

Steady Deconstruction of the Alpha Male

Since the beginning of civilization,  the female of the species have planned and plotted to make sure that the resources the alpha male commands goes only to them and their genetic offspring.

This can be demonstrated in medieval taboos on bastardy, idea of marriage, and the rise of feminism, equalism, liberalism and the incompetent and civilizationally idiotic governments  voted into power by females who are genetically. evolutionarily and logically incapable of sound decisions, still being slaves to their emotions like most unevolved animals are.

Alpha males should not be made to suffer for they are the ones along with beta males who build up civilizations,  there are also better classes of girls who should also be identified and not made to suffer.

The moment a civilization start checking who the alpha male may  give his resources to, whether by law, society or social shaming, it starts its own inevitable destruction.

Be warned.

The Fourth Estate

The Fourth Estate is inherently
1. Liberal
2. Biased
3. Coercive
4. Propagandist
5. Manipulative

The manipulation comes from having the capacity to "report the news" in the way TFE sees fit. That is a self-fulfilling prophecy, if you tell enough people that something is wrong/right, people will believe its wrong/right and start behaving accordingly. Thus, self-fulfilling prophecy.

The cure for this is to take everything TFE states as a Lie. And research on our own.

The only true people are citizens who do not write to gain money or power but to state the truth, and who would not exchange that for money or power.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Auarian Principles (First Draft)

1. Auaria's aim is, above all, to advance civilization, by any means necessary. Nothing is more important than Civilizational Advancement not Equalism, not capitalism, NO -isms are ever more important. This is the First and most Fundamentally Important Principles of Auaria.

2. Auaria is a land, society or group of Immigrants. No one is born in Auaria. Those who are born have to go through the same immigration process when they turn 14 as everyone else.

2. Auarian Principles will not be amended ever, any Auarian that tries to do this should be expelled, if an Auarian society does this, they are no longer Auarian.

3. Voting rights have to be earned in Auaria, a vote is weighted from 1 to 10, 10 being given to the individuals with the highest contribution and ability, 1 to individuals who demonstrate ability accepted as extraordinary by Mayhaan Standard. This right is re-evaluated every year. Auarians getting any sort of aid from Auaria where their contributions are less than their consumptions will have no voting rights or have their voting rights rescinded. No more than 10% of the population may be made out of non-voters and every 2 years, tees 10% should be expelled. Auaria's aim is to be a society of people who are universally able to earn the right to vote. 

4. The Reproductively more valuable but Civilizationally less valuable gender will not be allowed to vote or influence decisions in any Auarian society.

5. Evolutionary Psychology, Hypergamy, Social Dynamics will be taught to the Reproductively less valuable but the Civilizationally more valuable gender. The knowledge will not be restricted to those who seek it from other genders as well.

6. Finance, Geography, World History and German, French, Italian and English will be compulsory knowledge for all Auarians,

7. Auarians must always be prepared to recognize the follies they make in an idea, a plan or an undertaking and have the mental, psychological and emotional willpower to accept, improve and start from scratch.

8. Auarians have to demonstrate their emotional, mental,physical and psychological Auarian identity every year on the 30 of the first month. Any Auarian who have a personality change on any of these categories will have their Auarian identity revoked and expelled, they may reapply.

9. Every Auarian has to find his own name, an Auairan is born when they choose their own destiny by choosing their own name. If an Auarian wishes to retain their old name, they must justify the reasons based on Principles. If an Auarian wishes both names, then the old name shall be appended after their new name with (New Name) FA (Old Name). The FA has to be mentioned and stands for "before Auaria".

10. The currency of Auaria will be set according to the amount of Gold present on planet Earth, and similar precious metals in similar concentration in other cases.

11. The unit of the currency will be " ? ", this will be the only unit of currency, Auaria will never follow any cent, dime, euro/dollar etc. model. The prices of basic foodstuff will always be in the low single digits, if they ever rise above it, a correction will be initiated. Inflation will not be tolerated, the quantity of gold in the dart's crust is constant so how can the value of it change over time.

12. To go to war, wealth will not be an issue, Auarians will go to war and contribute to the things needed due to their duty towards Auaria.

13. Every Man will have 4 Square Kilometres of Land for himself. There will be no community living structures and the maximum occupancy of any 4 Square Kilometres of land will be 10 Human Beings. If a man has wealth and wishes more property, he should buy it outside of Auaria.

14. The population density of Auaria will always be 1 man per 4 Square Kilometres. If the population limit is reached immigration will be stopped until more land is found, captured or taken in the name of Auaria.

15. There will never be a transference of wealth or assets in any form from the CMVG to the CLVG (Civilizationally Less Valuable Gender) .

16. Until such time that a perfect being or a perfect machine with all the characteristics of Auarian Thought and Perfection is built, Auaria will be led by an elected council, there will be 1 representative per 25% of the population. In any kind of emergency, the members of this council will hold absolute power. There will be consensus, no bloodshed, if one of the council is killed, dies or is evicted, the whole council will be killed (if foul play is proved) or evicted.

17. Auarians with the power to vote will vote on EVERY measure brought forth and put to vote, every day, every hour if need be. Devices will be provided coded to the specific DNA of the voting Auarian.

Pre. X. Auarians take their Life lessons from the writings of Mayhaan, which will be available Publicly to all forever. Other wise men and their writings are also encouraged if they help an Auarian better understand and contribute to the Primary Purpose of Auaria without conflicting with The Auarian Principles. 

x. Anyone who wishes to be a part of Auaria must be in full agreement with ALL these principles. Those who are not, would do well to search out the truth in each of these principles and appeal when they understand and accept the nature of The Auarian Principles.