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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weissdom: Health

Ice cream contracts as it cools, even so the ice cream tub you buy is bursting over...that means they pack in more ice cream than the container can hold then allow it to cool and contract so its still more than the capacity.

Capitalistically, this doesn't make sense but it does beg the question.... Sugar being toxic and making people's brains sluggish and easier to control...why do they want Us to eat so much sugar?

Weissverse: Nature & Wealth

Being truly Wealthy, i.e. also being significantly Powerful brings Truly Human Nature to the fore.

Weissverse: Wealth & Strategie

Instead of spending your Wealth on objects, spend it on ACTIONs.

Wealth is a Form of Power.

Weissverse: Unlimit yourself from Universe-think

The Universe is such a limit on the imagination, although useful to strategize as a single instance of a whole, even the Multiverse, just TimeSpace constructs, maybe all Multiverses are also part of a bigger complex which is part of infinitely bigger ones with infinite big bangs, universe Life-Deaths etc.

Our Reality should be as Magnificent as our Imaginations.

And maybe our Imaginations and Dreams are just our brains tapping into what already exists in other Universes and is Possible there.

Weissdom: Strategie

When a particular symbol of your power is vulnerable, keep harping about weakness in its structural planning etc sounding like an old bureaucrat complaining about bad planning.

That way, when it goes down, no one can take credit and undermine you.

Weissdom: Societe

Deweaponizing your citizens is the easiest way to ask for an Invasion.


Weissverse: Civilization & Nature

Switching from Animal protein to plant protein during the change from hunter to agriculturalist civilizations and the corresponding increase in brain size and diverting of lessened quality food to make the brain larger to cope and advance the benefits of this change might be a very major reason for the Human Species' significant decrease in stature upto 13%-15% on average.

Weissverse: Nature

Who is Circumspect?

A Man with a lot to lose....mostly.

Those with nothing to lose are not, use this to turn them to your and general Advantage.

Weissdom: Strategie

Timessome when someone accuses you of something, feign annoyance and say that the statement makes no Sense.

i.e. Attribute stupidity and nonSense to the accuser and the question/accusation.

Weissdom: Strategie

When you are accused of something that you might have done, sometimes its better to accept it, to establish a frame of Honesty and Trust....then explain it so that your actions put you in the right/were to the accuser's advantage, not yours etc... the people will trust you because you establishes honesty in a high stakes environment.

The reputation thus gained is useful.

Weissdom: Strategie

Whenever you have to do something that can be used against you, spin it as a wealth saving measure. etc

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Weissdom: Societe

The ones who complain the loudest about class systems are the ones who are the least willing to do what is required to move themselves Upwards

Weissverse: Strategie

Whenever you are leading a Movement that is Powerful, give credit to someone else for the inspiration when advantageous to remain out of the Fray.

Weissverse: Higher than Sentience

Sentience is the Ability to Think about your Thoughts.

Is there something higher than Sentience?

The Ability to think on multiple levels about your Thoughts, what prompt them, what creates them, what We are.

Weissdom: Nature

The effects of Sex hormones are extremely powerful, without an outlet they will show you the range of your sexual adventurousness and experimentation.

Imagine the effect of these powerful neurochemicals on beings without Sentience.

No wonder animals will hump Male and female both when driven to distraction by their raging procreative hormones (Whore Moans? ; ) ).

On the same side of the coin, what lengths of depravity must Sentient Human Beings go through to solely have sexual relations with their own sex.

Lack of control over hormones can be mastered but repeated abandonment of Sentient control is bestial, unforgivable and Civilizationally Destructive.

Thus, if you cannot control your Civilization Destroying urges, you should not complain when Cvilization destroys your worthless self to advance the rest of the Worthies of Humanity.

Weissdom: Knowledge

The willingness to learn is the most powerful tool in any Sentient Being's arsenal.

Weissdom: Civilization

It is not just their nature but the biologically wired lack of control over their nature that makes females the vermins who eat away and destroy Civilizations and Greatness.

Weissdom: Civilization

Catering any product to females is to debase it and make it utterly disgustingly filthy in Quality and Thought.

Weissverse: Our Souls

Maybe our Souls are TimeSpace events. Or TimeSpace durations that inhabit our body (3 dimensional + 1 plane) when it develops.

Weissverse: Faster Than Light Travel

If We can travel faster than light, We can get out of TimeSpace and the Universe itself as We will exceed the speed at which the Universe is expanding.

We would be on par with or above that which led to the Creation of the Universe. We would be Creator, Observer and Destroyer.

Weissdom: Societe

Your Mind can either be a transmitter of Ideas or a Receiver of Ideas, over the sum of your Life.

Too much of today's technology is turning us into receiving automatons, beware of the effects of these in your life.

Weissdom: Societe

Science upsets people because it takes away their reason and belief, people need to believe in something that they can achieve, a hypothetical reward etc, whatever they might be.

This is a weakness, it should be exorcised from Mankind.

Weissverse: Our lives

If We and Our Lives are all TimeSpace events and we fall in Love , then We fall in Love with TimeSpace events.


If we think of time as infinitely divisible then it is possible to pull out any event in a timeline even when it has "disappeared" because it will always be vanishing according to the laws of infinite divisibility.

Weissdom: Health

Sometimes we forget the most elementary things.....like food fuels your body's recovery system.

Remember that the next time you are in pain and haven't eaten anything.

Normal starvation without injury is bearable but injury during starvation is magnified.

Weissdom: Societe

If you tell enough people enough times what the future will be like, they will make that future happen, either by actively making it happen or passively giving assent and not dissenting.

Be careful what you train Mankind to be in the future. Eliminate those who would make it weak, sick and corrupted.

Weissdom: Seduction

The most beautiful girls have access to the most powerful Men, remember that when dealing with these things.

Weissdom: Lower Consciousness of Females

There is something inherently wrong in females that they have to get really drunk or lose control of their rationality to engage in sex with those Men who view it as an intimate and beautiful expression of Love or sharing something between two people.

Empty sex without emotional attachment does that to girls, not Men, because they behave like animals in heat, they have to consciously make a choice to get drunk and lower their consciousness to that of a lizard by the use of alcohol and other things instead of submitting, as is natural, to a dominant Man while sober.

Females seek to be animals more than they seek to be Civilized.

The more a female debases herself by giving in to her animal urges under influence rather than by standing  by her higher human ones, the more it takes her to get herself excited.

They become like drug addicts needing a more and more twisted stimulus the older they get.

Versus Men who grow more and more selective and wise as they age and learn with and from experience.

It is the reason older females and sluts prefer all forms of brutal sexual escapades, because that's the only way they can get any satisfaction after damaging themselves so thoroughly, and these are the hallmarks of any era in which Men begin to forget the base nature of females.

Even in a fem-centric society like Ants, the female gluttons all her life while the legions of Male ants die slaving away for the worthless whore. And ants never evolved sentience, learn from nature Men.